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Broker@Cloud Tutorial

17th September 2015

Organised by:
Iraklis Paraskakis, Symeon Veloudis,
Information and Knowledge Management Research Cluster (IKM)
South East European Research Centre (SEERC)
The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College
Thessaloniki, Greece

Ensuring Quality Assurance and Optimisation of Cloud Services

The Internet of Services brings about significant advantages for enterprises by reducing upfront investment costs and diminishing risks in pursuing innovative ideas. Nevertheless, at the same time, it transforms enterprise IT environments into complex ecosystems of interwoven, variably-sourced infrastructure, platform, and application services. Whilst this complexity offers agility in building and transforming the enterprise IT systems, it nevertheless requires a higher degree of quality assurance. This quality assurance is necessary to ensure/guarantee that services behave within certain constraints and adhere to certain rules as stipulated by an enterprise. Broker@Cloud, has produced a toolkit that allows one to specify the rules of the enterprise, check that all services selected for the enterprise IT system adhere to these rules as well as provide optimisation and failure prevention mechanisms that will allow seamless operation Ensuring the quality of these services, and optimising their usage, is becoming a key challenge for today’s enterprises.
This tutorial will showcase a variety of innovative tools and mechanisms that can help enterprises face this challenge. More specifically, it will provide hands-on experience and live demos of the use of:
The Framework that allows agnostic description of rules and broker policies
SC3 – an innovative mechanism for the provision of quality assurances about the deployment and consumption of services.
PuLSaR – an innovative tool for the performance of cloud service optimisation on the basis of user preferences.
FPR – an innovative mechanism for the detection of cloud service failures and the selection of strategies for their prevention and recovery.
VTT – an innovative tool for the verification and testing of the functional behaviour of cloud services.
All mechanisms and tools have been developed as part of the Broker@Cloud project. All live demos will be performed on instances of real-life cloud services hosted on the platforms of the pilot partners of Broker@Cloud.



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